How We Could Lose the United States Because of a Distracted Citizenry

Written by Rob Morse on March 31, 2016

The greatest thing about the United States was that you didn’t have to pay attention to politics… at least in most places. Once upon a time you could earn a living and raise a family without having to pay tribute to the local party boss. That is true in most red states today. It is less and less true in our blue states. Living without a political payoff may pass into history as we’d rather play with our phones than notice how politicians are enriching themselves at our expense.

There are real problems in this world. There are serious problems that should distract us from our online games and our drug of choice. Our economy is in shambles. We invited terrorists across our borders. Muslims burn people alive, drown captives in cages, and behead Christians. There are hundreds of Muslim attacks here in the United States. Look overseas to see what comes next in the US.

President Barack said Islam is a religion of peace. Tell that to the hundreds murdered in a French nightclub a few months ago. Tell that to the tens of thousands of Christians murdered and enslaved in the Middle East last year. I know it’s hard for Barack to accept those facts. Those inconvenient truths might cut into the amount of money Barack siphons off for his cronies as Barack acts as our community organizer in chief. Unfortunately, Barack is not alone.

Islam is a violent cult and we’ve had many religiously motivated attacks in the US. Despite those obvious facts, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said, “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

Tell that to the hundreds of people murdered and maimed at a Belgian airport and at a Pakistani playground this week.

Instead of recognizing the threats to our safety and our economy, President Obama says American Christians are a threat. Seen from another perspective, Barack is absolutely right. Christians are a threat to the Socialist politicians running in the next election. Christians, constitutionalists and veterans are a threat to Barack’s political power.

Look at how Barack and the Socialists have responded. We now have government officials who say they are free to ignore any law they don’t like. That means their politically connected cronies can break the law with impunity. This isn’t new. Socialists have been selling legal dispensations in exchange for political kickbacks ever since prohibition. Only the “enemies of the state” have changed. Today, Socialist politicians use the legal and police power of the state to crush the church and any business who opposes their sea of regulations.

We should not be surprised. Using the state to harass your political enemies is the fundamental change Barack promised when he was elected. Congratulations, Socialist voters. Now it is here.

There is plenty of good news. Most American’s have rejected Barack’s politics. That is the virtue of American common sense. That rejection is why Barack opened the borders and then allowed illegals to vote. Barack and his Socialists need illegal immigrants to go on welfare and pay back the bureaucrats who feeds them with votes for Socialist candidates.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants kill hundreds of US citizens… and Barack looks the other way. He has to. Socialists need the votes.

So do some US citizens. Some of us have embraced Obama’s promise of a government handout. Some young voters, and a few aging hippies, will vote for a Socialist who promises free college, free sex, free healthcare, free housing and free food. Some American voters would rather be a comfortable subject than be responsible for their own lives.

Nothing is free. These welfare subjects are expected to vote their masters back into office.

Socialist politicians can’t stand on their record of accomplishment. We have record numbers of US citizens out of work. We have record debts. Instead, our Socialists politicians have to buy votes with government handouts. Nothing is free… for long.

Many of us want something for nothing, and want to ignore the cost of slavery.

If it fails, that is how the US will fall.

Image: Serious Typing via photopin (license)

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