ISIS Competes with #BlackLivesMatter…Sends Out This SICK Hit List On Cops

Written by Thomas Holmes on March 16, 2016

The old American notion that nothing stirs one’s best performance like competition seems to have been…ahem…hijacked by some terrorists this week. Specifically the Caliphate Cyber Army giving the Black Lives Matter gang a run for their money when it comes to the murder of American police officers. According to, the ISIS hacking group posted a “kill list” of Minnesota based 36 police officers for terrorist to get busy widdling down.

My guess is the BLM group prefer to just murder the cops rather than go through the administrative hoops of writing and publishing a list first.

According to a March 15th report on by The Washington Times, the kill list includes the names, homes and email addresses of the officers, most of whom live in the Minneapolis area. That location just also happens to currently withstanding an onslaught of Somali immigrants. According to the Washington Times, two dozen men from just one heavily impacted community have left to join extremist groups since 2007. That’s nearly an average of three immigrants per year from one community joining terrorist organizations. Considering these facts, is it necessarily any wonder Minnesota law enforcement is getting special attention from terrorist groups? Half the recruits probably have came from there.

The Caliphate Cyber Army isn’t the only assortment of lunatics that have threatened Americans by name or hacked into military organizations. Last November, the Islamic State Cyber Army posted information online about well-known U.S. military figures such as Rob O’Neil, the soldier who killed Osama Bin Laden. Recently, also, terrorist hackers hacked into the Twitter and YouTube accounts of U.S. Central Command.

Of course, the obvious elephant in the room is just how many Americans would be directly threatened by name by these jihadists if President Obama’s immigration policies hadn’t allowed for a complete cultural invasion of the Twin Cities. Of course, President Obama’s often too busy standing up for Black Lives Matter criminals who threaten police officers with their own form of terrorism.

I wonder if it even occurs to them, the amount of idiocy the Left is rolling in when they march with Black Lives Matter protestors who defend killing Americans while claiming to reject terrorists who have the exact same goal? Actually, I wonder just how much denial and idiocy regarding the Left American voters are ready to roll around in come November?

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