Little Marco HATES These HILARIOUS Pics That Are Melting The Internet

Marco Rubio can’t stand these pictures that are now taking the internet by storm. It doesn’t get any funnier than this.

After failing to win any states on Super Saturday, flailing Marco Rubio has become the subject of memes mocking his height.

The 5’10” Florida senator has been tirelessly ridiculed by 6’2″ rival Donald Trump – who took his cue from 6’3″ Jeb Bush – who describes him as a baby.

And now, as Rubio slides in the polls, Twitter users have given Trump’s ‘little Rubio’ taunts a whole new dimension.

They were all seemingly inspired by a photograph of the senator sitting in an oversized chair during a visit to Grevior Furniture in Franklin, New Hampshire, in August, which left his feet dangling from the ground.

Using that image, one puts the GOP candidate in a baby seat, while another has shrunk him to the size of a doll and perched him on Donald Trump’s lap.


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