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Little Marco Rubio HATES This Video Of Him VOTING For A Gun BAN

Marco Rubio is NOT going to like this flashback video that reveals his true colors. Check out what little Rubio voted for back in 1999 in Miami.

A video has emerged to settle the back-and-forth dispute between Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio as to how the Florida senator voted on a gun-control proposal in 1999.

On Feb. 27, Ted Cruz said Rubio voted to “ban guns from city parks” while a commissioner in West Miami City.

On Feb. 28, Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek Tweeted that the Rubio campaign described Cruz’s allegation as a lie, saying, “Senator Cruz is getting increasingly desperate and giving up on trying to tell voters the truth. Marco is proud of his strong support for and record of standing up for the Second Amendment and no amount of Cruz lies can change that.”

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