Marco Rubio HATES That THIS Picture Of Him Just Hit The Internet

Published on March 4, 2016

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What was it that Rubio was saying about Trump’s ‘small hands’? This picture seems to say it all. Does this make Rubio look like a joke or does it make him look Presidential?

While visiting Franklin, Rubio met with Mayor Ken Merrifield, stopped at the 83-year-old furniture business and bought and enjoyed some chocolate at the newly opened Central Sweets Candy Store. It was mostly about meeting New Hampshire voters, not talking policy.

Andrea Grevior is from Miami Beach, Fla., and for the past 16 years has vacationed in Key West with Robert, leading to memories and favorite places in the Sunshine State. In the furniture store, the couple have signs from Cuba that they purchased in Key West hanging on the walls. Rubio, whose parents came to the United States from Cuba, grew up in West Miami and Las Vegas.

“You stopped at the right place,” Grevior said.

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Photo: Elizabeth Frantz

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