This Is How Marco Rubio Singlehandedly Murdered His Own Campaign

Written by Wes Walker on March 3, 2016

Hey Marco, do you hear a hissing sound? That’s the sound of the air leaving the tires in your Presidential run.

Each of the candidates has a particular persona they want to be known for — it’s all about branding.

Cruz, for instance, what is his brand? Easy, he’s the stalwart defender of the Constitution against all enemies, Democrat or Republican. Trump’s brand? Well, frankly, it’s the Trump brand. He’s a polarizing, bare-knuckle plain-speaking negotiator who gets things done.

Carson? He was the good doctor and soft-spoken smart guy. Kasich (Ohio!) has delusions of relevance.

But what about Rubio? So far as I can tell, he was going for a cross between homecoming king and Joel Osteen — the friendly “guy next door”. If so, then he’s just fumbled the ball, badly.

Now that people are actually voting for their nominees, he wandered off script.

The incomparable Dennis Miller, put his finger on the problem while describing the various candidates, “Rubio, I’m almost afraid to talk against now. Because I thought I knew him a week ago. I didn’t know him at all. He is a nasty piece of work.”

Rubio made a critical error in his campaign. He has destroyed himself — his brand —  without even realizing it. He offered us his “nice guy” persona because he wanted the public to vote for him as “the nice guy”. (It worked for Obama in 2008)

This was to be the defining characteristic that set him apart. In marketing terms, his “unique sales proposition.”

But, falling behind and getting desperate, Rubio made a critical error. He changed personas. (Bad idea.) This confuses the brand he’s been cultivating.

He began running as a nice guy we can trust with High Office basically because he’s nice. But now he is a below-the-belt fighter who goes for the tiny-wiener jokes and other name calling.

So, what’s the message now? He’s NOT nice? He’s LESS fit to be trusted with High Office now precisely because he’s shown us he’s NOT nice? (See how that works against him?)

He gambled and lost. It happens. Behind in the race and getting desperate, he threw his own persona overboard in a desperate bid to reinvent himself. Sure it was a bad idea, but it was a Hail Mary attempt by a guy who was losing, and running out of options.

Since Super Tuesday has shown his attempt failed badly, can Rubio finally face facts?

Whether he knows it or not, Time of Death on Rubio’s campaign was the same minute the size of Trump’s male organ became part of National political conversation. Perhaps the good doctor will be kind enough to “call it”. I’m sure Carson can break the news to him gently.

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