’Migrants’ MURDER Masses In Belgium But Hillary Still Wants OPEN BORDERS

Written by Thomas Holmes on March 22, 2016

Thirty one killed in what is only the latest terrorist attack in Europe? Check. Muslims literally storming the borders of supposedly sovereign nations with little government outcry? Check. Reports of rapes, and beatings by Muslim immigrant gangs throughout Europe? Check. Hillary Clinton leading, as a true President would, with righteous anger at the attack against an ally and promises to protect American citizens? Not so fast.

The Hilldebeast did comment after the mass murders by Muslim terrorists in Brussels. Well, not so much on the attacks as the idea of closing our borders to protect our citizens. She’s still against it. Even after Brussels, even after California. After stories of Europe literally be swarmed by supposed “refugees” just looking for a home while their country gets savaged by..,..oh, Muslims. In the wake of possible general election counterpart, Donald Trump continuing to state the obvious, Hillary appeared on The Today Show and doubled-down on open border policy. She described closing our borders as “unrealistic” and “impractical”. Well, I’ll let everyone’s favorite political shrill speak for herself.


Ladies and gentlemen, your one time Secretary of State. It’s certainly appears she’ll bring the same level of clear- thought and strategic precision that she had for Benghazi to the White House. First off, the obvious: Does anybody want a President who would look at the current world stage and immediately cross off border security as “unrealistic” because of supposed trade convenience when the alternative places your citizens under continual and growing threats of terrorism?

Second of all, did this woman get her policy education from an online course? Enforcing basic and frankly common sense border policy doesn’t block trade. It just helps ensure the package doesn’t explode in Times Square after it arrives. Same with the people entering the country. The people already legally in the States have a right to expect the government they’ve empowered to provide better assurance of life than the people not in the country. That’s kind of the definition of a sovereign nation

Naturally, Hillary also brought out some reliable chestnuts in the interview calling the attacks “deeply distressing” and bravely declaring that we had to “intensify our efforts” to stop terrorism. What that actually means is anyone’s guess. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but at least closing our borders is a noticeable action.

As the wise man said, a little government at the borders prevents a lot of government inside the borders. Ding! And now we may have hit on Hillary’s real motive for ignoring reality. In the liberal brain (such as it is) “intensifying our efforts” translates to more government interference in our lives not the terrorists. I mean government doesn’t want to be so successful they’ve Constitutionally limited themselves out of a job. So, why not maintain the problems to justify the overreach?

Sorry Hillary, I think that’s a lot less “unrealistic” than simply protecting our borders.

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