Muslim Refugees Do NOT Like This German Reporter — Because He’s Telling the TRUTH

Written by Wes Walker on March 25, 2016

Could it be possible?

Might the people of Europe be starting to wake up to the dumpster fire raging in their own backyard? Are they starting to open their eyes to the real problems bubbling to the surface now that they’ve not only imported Pandora’s Box, but also kicked it wide open?

Well, help certainly isn’t coming from The New York Times (a former newspaper). They’re busy tut-tutting the Republican nominees for the harsh tones they have taken toward the terrorists in Brussels. They much prefer the fuzzy platitudes offered by Hillary and company.

The good news is at least one German political editor — Jochen Bittner — is actually asking the hard questions, and should be commended for it.

He realizes that the objective of these murderers is to create open war between Islam and the West. And not surprisingly (considering some of Germany’s own dark history) such a war is something he naturally wishes to avoid.

But he puts his finger on Europe’s problem: they have been so eager not to fall into one ditch, they fell into the opposite one. In tripping over themselves trying not to be xenophobes, they have become willfully blind to real dangers and individuals more than willing to exploit their naivete.

They created a false distinction between Islam and Islamism, refusing to acknowledge the interplay and overlap between these groups. And for that reason, they were woefully unprepared.

They do not a have adequate policing services to deal with terror cells lurking in their midst. They do not have a unified Trans-Europe information-sharing database. And that’s only part of the problem.

The greater part of the problem is the lack of political will to act on what they do see.  They are still afraid to be called racist.

When we still have no-go zones where police cannot enforce the law, prosecute the guilty or protect the innocent, we have not yet come to the point where we are willing to solve the problem in our midst.

When we begin to care more about — for example — young girls being gang-raped than we do about negative publicity by a Press Release from CAIR, we will have finally come to the point where we are ready to start putting things right.

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