OH, PLEASE: Guess Who FEARS Backlash After Their Zealots SLAUGHTER Dozens In Brussels

Published on March 22, 2016

After multiple deaths and injuries in Brussels, this is the message that the ‘Religion of Peace’ is sending out. Instead of condemning the terrorist attacks, they are fearing backlash.

If Muslims really fear “backlash” and the “demonization of Islam,” they should be the first to act against such clerics, and would be working publicly and honestly to reform those teachings. Mosques and Islamic schools would be implementing programs to teach against the understanding of Islam that justifies hatred and violence. But “backlash” articles never deal with any of that — they’re all always just about how Muslims fear reprisal attacks. Meanwhile, FBI statistics show that anti-Semitic attacks are far more common than attacks against innocent Muslims. Yet you never see articles about that.

“Muslims Fear Backlash After Brussels Attack: Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Often Follows Violence,” by Michael Kaplan, International Business Times, March 22, 2016 (thanks to Daniel Greenfield):

The attacks in Brussels Tuesday morning come as far-right nationalist parties across Europe have been gaining support by raising alarm over Europe’s porous borders and purported rising extremism among Muslim communities. Muslims across Europe fear that the terror attacks, which left at least 26 people dead, could lead to a new wave of anti-Muslim sentiment and violence, Vocativ reported Tuesday.

 “It’s starting again, prepare yourselves, Arab Muslims,” one European Muslim reportedly tweeted. A Syrian boy held a photo, posted on Twitter, apologizing for the attacks.
Belgium is home to millions of Muslims, as are the neighboring Netherlands, France and Germany. A vast majority of Muslims are believed to be moderate, opposing such violence in their countries and overseas. But radicalization has become a growing problem among Muslim communities in Europe. Hundreds of Belgians have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS.

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