Protesters in Belgium Are Planning to Do What the Government WON’T to Jihadis

Written by Thomas Holmes on March 29, 2016

Today in The ever-widening canyon between the disintegrating European social structure and elected leadership who’s sticking their collective head in the ground, let’s meet the latest organization to step up in the absence of intelligent leadership. According to major right-wing social group, Casuals United Belgium, is planning a protest on April 2nd in the Muslim hub of Molenbeek. Molenbeek has long been known as a hotbed for jihadist recruiting and, as Infowars reports, was a hiding place for one of the Paris bombing planners.

The idea, according to the Casuals United Belgium Facebook announcement, is to march into the Islamic enclave and “express our dissatisfaction in the heart of the lion’s den.” Unfortunately, this march comes on the heels of a series of spontaneous riots caused by self-described fascists last weekend after a planned “March Against Fear” was canceled, as reported by

Now, I think we can all agree that anything associated with Hitler isn’t a, shall we say, final solution. However, while there is substantial concern over the Casuals United Belgium protest this weekend turning into a bloody massacre, which nobody wants, the real concern is why all this hand-wringing and police preparation now, when it comes to a “right wing” march but absolutely no proper prior planning when Brussels knew they had a major terrorist enclave in their own back yard.

The Casuals United Belgium protest is the result of a natural human reaction to want to confront evil, as it is perceived. It’s more than a protest against the awfulness of the bombings; it’s a reaction to the chronic lack of decisive action against a known hub of terrorism. Elected leadership all across Europe has failed to register this all too real threat either because they denied its existence to begin with or they never bothered to prepare to move swiftly. Unfortunately for the lives lost and the stability of western culture, indecision is not a problem for the jihadists. And now, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for the protesters.

The “March Against Fear” event that was cancelled was apparently due to government concern about stretching the already overwrought police force too far. So, to summarize: terrorists who want to eliminate our democratic rights (to say nothing of our lives) succeed in terrorizing a city.

Citizens of said city want to march in protest which, last I checked, was a pretty fundamental democratic right. Said citizens are prevented from marching because the totally blind and unprepared government that couldn’t anticipate terrorists even though Brussels is so universally known as a jihadist hotbed that it’s practically the ISIS spring break locale, just can’t sanction these protests. Sorry about cock blocking your democratic right.

Sounds to me like the government is doing half the terrorist’s job by how they’ve continued to ignore reality in favor of a Utopian myth that continues to disintegrate.

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