QUESTION: Is The ‘GOP Elite’ A Rotting Tableau of Political Cowardice?

Published on March 1, 2016


Are Americans done with the cowardly GOP elites and their hatred of anyone who tries to fight against them?

Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska says he cannot vote for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination–but has not endorsed any of Trump’s rivals–not even Sen. Ted Cruz , who needs the help.

Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney throws bombs at Trump — recycling the lines that hurt him in 2012 — but has not bothered to boost his presumed alternative, Sen. Marco Rubio.

The GOP elite is a rotting tableau of political cowardice.

Time was, an elected leader picked a primary candidate and stuck with him. If that candidate lost — well, then, honor and principle demanded they go down together, until the convention offered a chance to re-unify the party.

Now, however, like a gormless gaggle of liberal arts majors, the Republican brass are afraid to leave their “safe space.” Instead, they pick impotently at the probable party nominee in a pretentious fit of post-modernist pique.

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