QUESTION: Obama Goes to Cuba… Should He Just STAY There?

Published on March 21, 2016


Would you prefer that Obama stay in Cuba after his historic visit? Do you think he would fit in better there? Or do you want him to come back home?

Is Obama going to talk about this in Cuba? Obama is attacked for failing to reveal if he will publicly criticize Cuba and the Castros for harboring American criminals:

His historic trip to Cuba might be underway but President Obama has been slammed for refusing to say whether he would talking to Cuban officials over the harboring of American fugitives.

Several US criminal have fled the US and headed for Cuba to find refuge where they are allowed to live free lives.

Among them are convicted killer Joanne Chesimard, who broke out of jail in New Jersey and fled to Cuba after she was found guilty of shooting dead state trooper Werner Foerster in 1973.

Chesimard, who now goes by the name of Assata Shakur, is the aunt of rapper Tupac Shakur and escaped jail in 1979 with the help of black nationalists.

She has lived in Cuba since 1984 and has never been brought back to the United States despite a $2million reward being offered by the FBI and New Jersey Police.

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According to the Daily Beast, Obama won’t be meeting with the real invisible Cubans that are really oppressed in their own country:

Obama has been resolutely upbeat so far, as one is inclined to be on first contact with a people who, despite many hardships, are full of grace and warmth, in a city, Havana, that reeks of history. As the first U.S. president to visit the islands since Calvin Coolidge, Obama said he hoped to build a “vision of the future that is brighter than our past.” And there is little doubt that some changes will come as American hotel chains and even Google start to intrude.

But the fact is the U.S. notion of that past and the Cuban one are very different, and not only because of the embargo since Fidel Castro took over the country in 1959. Cubans, so many of whom are descended from Africans, remember American support for slavery on the island, and attempts to annex it in the 1850s by purchase or conquest. The Bay of Pigs in 1961 echoed earlier failed invasions a century before.

Cubans remember, too, the role the American Mafia played not only operating on the island, but running it in the 1930s and 1940s. (The scenes in Havana in The Godfather, Part II are not far from the truth.)

Today, in the name of amity, we are hearing a lot of good news. But so many of the headlines being pushed by the Cuban government and, now, by the Obama administration were floated to me on that early visit more than 30 years ago.

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