QUESTION: Should We Stop WHINING About ‘Islamophobia’ And FOCUS On Killing Terrorists?

Published on March 23, 2016


Do you think it’s time to stop being politically correct and to focus on the dangerous problem that is plaguing Europe and America before it’s too late?

After San Bernardino, Paris, and now Brussels, to name just a few recent cities attacked by the same global terrorist network that shares one religious identity, it’s intellectually dishonest at best and evil-enabling at worst to focus on Islamophobia rather than examine Islamic jihadism for what it is. By Islamophobia, of course, I mean what the Left means when it essentially accuses people of bigotry for expressing valid concerns about radical Islam.

Concern for perpetrators over victims is a hallmark sign of political correctness gone awry. Nothing demonstrates a person’s allegiances better than seeing for whom they offer condolences in the wake of tragedy. In this case, members of the media and Muslims seem to be more worried people will be afraid of them or mock their belief system than interested in dissecting why and how those who embrace said beliefs continue to terrorize parts of the world (it’s not too difficult a question to answer) and, as importantly, how they can be stopped.

It’s time we stopped worrying after every terrorist attack if Muslims will get their feelings hurt, and started discussing the radical jihadists systematically attempting to destroy the way we live and murdering people we love—and the means by which we will protect ourselves from this dangerous doctrine.

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