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QUESTION: Should We Take Nukes OFF The Table In Defeating ISIS?


Do you think Nukes are out of the question when defeating ISIS? Or do you think it is one of the only options that would completely demolish them?

Donald Has said that he will not take the option off the table:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did not rule out potentially using nuclear weapons on Europe during a town hall in Wisconsin on Wednesday.

The GOP frontrunner was asked by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews about his standpoint on nuclear weapons.

Trump said he’s ‘not taking cards off the table’ when it comes to using nuclear weapons in any situation.

Matthews asked Trump about his contradictory statements, in which he said he was concerned about the spread of nuclear weapons, but then said countries including Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia should be able to acquire them.

‘Look, nuclear should be off the table, but would there a time when it could be used? Possibly,’ Trump responded.

Matthews asked how the United States could ‘conceivably use a nuclear weapon in the Middle East or in Europe in fighting ISIS’ and Trump said he would be ‘very, very slow and hesitant to pull that trigger’.

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