SAY, WHAT?: Rubio BLAMES Americans for Islamic Hatred Towards the USA

Published on March 11, 2016

Last night at the GOP debate in Miami, FL, Marco Rubio blamed Americans for the hate that Muslims have shown towards them.

“The problem is presidents just can’t say anything they want… Two days ago I met this extraordinary couple who are on furlough because they are missionaries in Bangladesh. It’s a very tough place to be a missionary. It’s Muslim. And their safety and security very much rely on the friendly Muslims that live alongside them that may not convert but protect them and certainly look out for them. And their mission field really are Muslims that are looking to convert to Christianity as well. And they tell me that today they have a very hostile environment in which to operate in because the news is coming that in America leading political figures are saying that America doesn’t like Muslims. So this is the real impact.”

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