TDS: The Anatomy of The Trump Derangement Syndrome

Published on March 24, 2016

by Jamie Allman
Clash Daily Guest Columnist

The RNC royalty thought they had it made. The Democrat waiting for them was another royal in her own right but she would come into November under investigation by the FBI and untrusted by a plurality of Americans.

So to the RNC guys, this was a cinch. The Gods, Guns and Gays (And A Little War Here And There) rap would be a lot easier to hawk than in years past.

They thought they could make this election all about the Supreme Court and the usual red meat.

Then came Donald Trump. Donald Trump talking about jobs. About trade. About the economy. About putting the brakes on the U.S. being the In Case Of Emergency Break Glass country. About making America Great Again.

Marco Rubio’s tepid first blast was memorable.

“We don’t need to make America great again, we are already great”. It may as well been followed by a, “I’m not sure but at least I think we’re  great”. That and a gulp of water.

And thus began the almost daily neutering of the RNC low energy brigade.

With the help of the media and conservative typists they tried to write Trump off as a “clown.”

Trump Derangers blather on about “earned media” but how earned is it when the media you get is you being linked to the KKK and being called Hitler by Conservatives on Sunday morning shows and being blamed for wanton civil rights violations of your supporters?

The path to this blow up was plowed long ago. Call it Custer’s First AND last Stand.

So desperate were some Ted Cruz media endorsers that they haplessly fell for a National Review Online flattery trick. They clucked in a collection of essays that Trump must be stopped. So blinded by arrogance this gaggle of chumps ignored or failed to notice the NRO wanting Trump out of the way so the win for Their guy — Rubio –would be a lot easier.

Pundit George Will even dug out his old wrinkled column denouncing Ronald Reagan as a heretic and just plugged in Trump’s name instead.

On Twitter and beyond, people who loyally voted for Republicans and Tea Party candidates were roundly mocked if they has the temerity to defend Trump.

Of course it didn’t work. None of the Trump Derangers’ panicky tactics did.

It seems those so called “low information” voters that Cruz belittled knew at least something about Shakespeare. They know what it means when “thou dost protest too much”.

These Americans noticed a slate of candidates who mocked Trump’s business failures but never started a business themselves.

These Americans noticed a slate of candidates who talked about their parent’s hard work but could never talk about their own hard work.

These Americans heard a billionaire talking to them in ways that no well kept and paid for politician ever had.

These Americans also know what it means to lose jobs to bad trade deals, to watch their companies forced to abandon America for other lower tax countries, to be gouged by the IRS, to have a 26 year old daughter with a tech degree she can’t use because of an addiction to visa employees, or what it means to go back up to Johnney’s room and clear out the toys  and rip off the power ranger bedsheets because Johnney’s moving back in after college .

These Americans also know what it’s like to help the kids with math homework these days under Common Core .
Yep . That’s right. Ole Clown Car Trump talks about education too.

The fact is very few of those things were talked about in the election before Trumps arrival.

Of course not.

Bush was profiting off of common core.

Cruz was busy getting bad campaign advice from Glenn Beck. (See “New York values” attack)

Graham was busy assuring us we’d be in another war once he takes the oath.

Kasich was busy being Kasich.

And Rubio was busy waiting to be the next JFK.

When asked what took him so long to counter Trump, Rubio, the man who wants to be President answered “that’s a good question.”

Indeed. A good question with an easy answer: The boy king figured the RNC and select conservative media would pave his way.

Sadly in a suicide kind of way, Rubio early on took a stab at talking to people Republicans have ignored for 20 years.

He said we need more welders not more philosophers. Uh oh.

Did you notice how fast that rap disappeared? The donor class would have none of that talk. And so Rubio went back to talking about “values”. Oh well.

One started to wonder if Republicans wanted to win at all.

Ted Cruz all but ceded all of New York in the first debate. Disparaging “New York values”. RNC lackeys rushed to his defense saying New York had not voted for a Republican presidential candidate for decades.

But why not try to change that? Instead of writing them off?

That very ‘can’t do’ spirit is why so many voters are turning to Trump.

It’s no wonder Trump addresses an American worker the same way he addressed American Jews the same way he addressed all Americans: I give a rip. I appreciate and honor details.

He is talking to them, addressing their needs. Whether his plans will work remains a question. But the sense that he cares is not a question at all.

And the conservative media is inexplicably aggressive and tone deaf.

When Trump said he loves the poorly educated, most people saw that as being inclusive. Trump Derangers saw that as confirming his voters are stupid.

When fascist far left lawbreakers forced a rally cancellation and blocked streets in Phoenix most Americans were appalled. Trump Derangers blamed Trump.

Because the Trump Derangers can’t compete with him on trust regarding all important economic issues, they have resorted to left wing Tactics, calling him Hitler, a racist and a bigot. Sometimes all in one sentence.

Many of these people have also taken a new tact that trump will lose to Hillary. One Cruz friendly blog blared a headline that read: “poll: Trump loses to Hillary by 17 points.” Never mind that the same poll showed Cruz being swamped by 31%.

Never mind that this same blog basically talks to other bloggers. Too bad they don’t talk to American workers as much.

Blistered by being the disrobed emperors, these media tyrants and RNC hacks who hide their bitterness in “Trump can’t beat Hillary prose” have turned to standing in a corner threatening not to vote for Trump if he’s the nominee — almost guaranteeing a Clinton election.

They have resorted to the age old “this is the Party of Lincoln” chestnut that is always used to repel outliers. These individuals act as if the GOP is some kind of musty mahogany box to which few have access and even then you have to make it past grandpa’s den door to reach it.

They have even gone to saying Trump cannot be the nominee because too many conservatives will stay home and he’ll lose. Huh?

Leading the charge now for the “third party” is none other than a hackneyed has been in the form of Erick Erickson, a talk radio host who was laughed out of dodge for calling a Supreme Court Justice a “goat f*cker” and appears via Twitter to be playing 140 character drinking games.

Erickson is well known for obsessing over gay marriage and twiddling his thumbs over the economy. Just the kind of Republicrat that created Trump himself.

Erickson’s unlikely Tweedle Dee is kept GOP trust baby William Kristol, who may as well be powdered wigged and fluttery eyelashed as he grabs this tin of snuff and rails at the outsiders.

This is derangement.

And the Trump Deranger’s Moses is George Will. (Sorry Glenn)

Will’s attempted takedown of Reagan should have been enough to relegate  him to the punditry trash heap . In 1974 as a dutiful Republican Church Lady staving off a threat to Ford, he attacked Ronald Reagan as “old” and supported by “kamikaze conservatives.” He called for Reagan to leave the Republican Party so it could be “cleansed”. In 1980 his first choice was Howard Baker. Will was, in modern terms, a #NeverReagan stooge. But he’s back now with Trump as his target. More precisely, he’s turned on Trump supporters themselves.

But since Will apparently is better at baseball knowledge than candidate choice, he can understand this stat: Come the nomination of Trump, he will be 0-2 .


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