The EPA Just Got CAUGHT Flat Out Colluding With Left Wing Groups

Written by S.C. Sherman on March 28, 2016

Corrupt use of private email accounts doesn’t stop at Hillary. Thanks to some Freedom of Information Act requests the EPA has been caught red-handed conspiring with left wing green energy groups to actually craft legislation. The blatant and strategic misuse of private and government emails is rampant at the EPA…and apparently throughout the Obama Administration.

Does EPA corruption make blazing headlines? No. I wish it did. They have immense, unchecked power. You think it’s hard to get people to care about all the nefarious junk Hillary did? Yeah, try enticing the mainstream media to shine a light on the systemic corruption found at the EPA. Crickets.

It can be a little disheartening, but like a voice in the wilderness, here goes.

I have previously written about the EPA and a former Administrator named Lisa Jackson. Sweet Lisa was the one who actually created an online alter ego to mask her communications. I believe her made up persona was the combination of a town she lived in and her dogs name, Richard Windsor. It got so bad that her “fake” person won several awards for best employee etc…you can’t make this stuff up.

Here is a video and a report detailing her corruption and incestuous relationship with former lobbyist and now EPA Director Michael Goo. The video details how the Sierra Club and others conspired with each other to get things done without all that pesky oversight. Sadly, much of the evidence that made up the expose video was recently tossed out by a D.C. legal panel. Golly-gee, I wonder why?

So what’s up with this latest batch of exposed corruption? Well, basically here it is. It’s been discovered that a big green energy guy named Michael Bradley, conspired with Joe Goffman, Senior Counsel to the EPA to send a secret email to Gina McCarthy, the EPA Administrator. Here is the email if you want to read the whole thing.

Bradley says, “Joe, would you please send this email to Gina for me? I would have sent it to her directly with cc to you but I don’t have a private email address for her and would prefer to not use an official email address.”

There you go. Smoking gun.

Bradley goes on in his secret email to deliver two pages of points for “Gina” to consider for the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).

He continues to apply the pressure, “The companies (some are connected to Bradley) want to remain supportive of the final CSAPR, our goal is to have a rule implemented that is legally sound, gives the industry the needed business certainty for investments in cleaner generation, and addresses the air transport issues affecting many of the states in which CEG members operate, we would not want to see the rule stayed.”

FYI…CEG (Clean Energy Group) is a coalition of electric generating and electric distribution companies that Bradley’s firm runs. Basically, he says this…Gina, baby, you give us the rule we need or we won’t make the billions that was promised to us…understand me? You are going to stay that rule for us, aren’t you?

Big surprise! Corruption among bureaucrats. Sure, it’s become common place, but that doesn’t make it right. Michael Bradley basically told her to do what he wanted or else. Gina has the power to make or break a plethora of “Green” companies all by what she does and doesn’t do. A stroke of a magic pen can change the world.

The message is loud and clear. Gina and Mr. Goo better play ball! I’m overstating this somewhat, they don’t really need to be threatened; they are willing accomplices. The Obama Administration conveniently packed the EPA with former lobbyists and tree-huggers galore, until it’s a virtual Green Paradise over there! Some refer to the EPA as the Green Mafia.

The only reason they are using the fake or alternate email accounts is to avoid it all going public like this. Darn FOIA! It’s obvious that it is not a “Lobbying” relationship, it’s full blown conspiring. Private companies fully implementing a green agenda with the immense power of the EPA to back it up.

It’s like kids in a candy shop!

So much corruption it is mind boggling, and most of it the world will never even know about. History will frown on President Obama and web of lies and corruption he has woven. I guess that depends on who gets to write the history.

Will America survive it is the real question?

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S.C. Sherman
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