These University Students Got a Taste of REALITY…And Could NOT Handle It

Written by Andrew Allen on March 30, 2016

Oh, the humanity! Students at Emory University victimized by the brutal imposition of pro-Trump sidewalk chalk on their campus. How will those young adults cope? Isn’t it wonderful that Emory University has dispatched “emergency counseling” services to address those fragile young minds.

Total crap!

On two counts.

First, unless there’s a Doogie Howser attending classes at Emory, every single student on campus is an adult. Every. Single. Student. Is. An. Adult.

Emory isn’t a small potatoes school. One year’s study there costs around $60,000. The university routinely ranks among the best in the country. There are a whole lot of young adults that can’t attend Emory. Every single student on the Emory campus ought to feel some sense of humility in being able to obtain a college education at a school of Emory’s caliber.

Some of the Emory student body’s peer group includes young adult men and women who don our nation’s uniform, get shipped off to hell holes like Afghanistan and Iraq, and endure things that are truly hard to cope with. That a group of quasi-Ivy Leaguers in Atlanta believe a little sidewalk chalk merits the same “emergency” response a 22 year old Marine Corps Corporal might receive after she’s seen her fellow Marine dismembered by a roadside bomb is frankly, disgusting.

These fragile Emory minds will someday graduate and join the real world. News flash, in the real world it’s very possible you’ll see, hear, smell, feel, or otherwise come in contact with things that will hurt your feelings. It might be riding the local commuter train service in a big city and having rocks thrown at the cars when the tracks take you through bad neighborhoods*. It might be working in an office with a loudmouth who rattles off his/her political opinion constantly and without regard for what others believe**. It might be those who openly talk about your race, creed, gender, sexual preference, etc in a derisive way***.

In the real world, being offended happens. What’s Susie McEmorygrad aged 27 going to do when she finds herself offended out there in Realville? There are no “emergency counselors” that will swoop in to the rescue. Google, Apple, Ford, Boeing, Ikea, and all the rest don’t have safe zones Susie can hide out in until the offense ends. And no, it’s not a great idea to take to social media in some weird effort to engage in armchair activism to protest the situation. Just ask what’s her name that tried that with Yelp****.

These are adults at Emory behaving as if they’re in pre-school, tugging on the school mom’s skirt when they heard the janitor say a naughty word. Emory’s response is failing it’s student body and the $60,000 per year their parents write checks for.

Second, who honestly believes Emory University is home to a bunch of closet Donald Trump supporters? Not just supporters, but Trumplins so Trumped up by Trump that they are willing to sidewalk chalk the campus in Trump’s name?

It’s more likely a group of Bernie Sanders supporters, #BlackLivesMatter affiliates, and the other usual rot gut that got together and chalked the Trump slogans. Then – problem created – they moved to set the stage for their version of a solution. Phase one of their solutions is in progress right now. It involves media coverage which is designed to stir the pot of public opinion. It’s designed to make like-minded liberals mad. So mad that they too will join them in “shutting down” Trump. Which is their preferred solution. 

This, after all, has happened before. An unnoticed side story from the anti-Trump riots in Chicago was that of two Northwestern students that broke into a Chicago area Church and scrawled pro-Trump graffiti inside. 

Mainstream media, where are you? Care to dig a little deeper into the Emory story and tell us what really happened with the sidewalk chalk? 

*The author experienced this riding San Diego’s “trolley” when it passed through Barrio Logan just south of Petco Park.

** The author has experienced, and from time to time written about this.

*** The author can’t tell you how many times he’s heard his faith bashed in ways that would invite a civil rights lawsuit were the author of any faith besides Christian.

**** A millennial Yelp employee used social media to complain about her low wages as an English major working for them. She claimed that she was basically starving on the Yelp payroll. However, other social media sources revealed that she regularly indulged in expensive tastes – high-end liquors, deserts, and etc. She was, in other words, hardly starving save for her own lifestyle choices. Yelp promptly terminated her. 

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