Trump & Cruz Unite On ONE Thing… Little Marco Won’t LIKE This

Published on March 6, 2016

Trump and Cruz can agree on one thing that most of us would love to see happen. It looks like it’s time for the Fox News sweetheart Marco Rubio to drop out.

As far as the GOP goes, there were four major contests to watch and they wound up being split down the middle. Louisiana and Kentucky went for Trump strongly while Ted Cruz turned out big numbers in Maine and Kansas. If you see a couple of names conspicuously missing from the headlines, those would be John Kasich and Marco Rubio. Kasich was no surprise since he’s just waiting around for Ohio anyway, but Rubio is very much in need of another win and it just didn’t happen. This led both of last night’s winners to come out and suggest it’s time for the Florida senator to call it a day.

Here’s what Trump had to say:

“I think it’s time for Marco to clean the deck. I really do. And I say that respectfully,” Trump said at a press conference in Florida.

Trump held the press conference after four states held primaries or caucuses earlier in the day. Trump was projected to win Kentucky and Louisiana, while Cruz won Kansas and Maine.

“I think Marco Rubio had a very, very bad night,” Trump said. “And personally I’d call on him to drop out of the race. I think it’s time now that he drop out of the race. I really think so. I think it’s probably time.”

For his part, Cruz’s victory dance was short but to the point. He also seems to feel that it’s time to clear the decks and meet Trump one on one out in the street. (Washington Post)

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