WATCH: #BlackLivesMatter Protester MACED At Trump Rally After Sucker Punching OLD Man

A #BlackLivesMatter protester was pepper sprayed at a Donald Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin after punching an old man who she was screaming at after claiming that he had touched her. Instead of allowing the media to tell you the story, just watch the videos of the altercation yourself.

The protester was identified as a 19 year old woman:

Here is the first video of the individual getting maced after punching the man:

Here is another angle where she admits that she “deserved that”:

Here is video footage of what was happening before she got sprayed:

Now, here is video of what happened immediately afterwards — she was escorted out by medical personnel to seek treatment after the altercation:

The unhinged left doesn’t stop there. Here’s another Anti-Trump protester in all his glory:

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Doug Giles

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