WHAT THE FORK: Kasich Eats PIZZA With A FORK Causing His Poll #’s To Skyrocket With P*SSIES

John Kasich was caught eating some authentic New York pizza with a fork and immediately got called out for it. Do you trust someone who eats their pizza with a fork?

John Kasich strolled into a New York pizzeria this week and committed one of the greatest cardinal sins in the state: Taking a bite of a slice – with a fork and knife.

The 63-year-old Ohio governor was at a campaign stop at Gino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Queens on Wednesday when he reached for the silverware to dig into the cheesy delight.

But after his first bite it seems the Republican presidential candidate realized the error of his ways – or at least remembered Bill de Blasio – and quickly switched to his hands.

The Mayor of New York City was eviscerated on social media and late-night television two years ago when he was snapped eating a piece of pie with a fork and knife in Staten Island.

At the time De Blasio blamed his Italian heritage, but Kasich instead went for his age.

‘I was eating pizza before you were born!’ he said when a reporter questioned his use of a fork, according to ABC News.

Kasich finished two slices of pizza and part of a third and also enjoyed part of a sausage dish.

He then put on an apron and served free slices to customers on the campaign stop, which comes three weeks before the state’s Republican primary.

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