YO, MITT & MARCO: Attacks On Trump Are Increasing His Support

Published on March 7, 2016

Does anyone else realize that the attacks on Trump only make him stronger? Although the latest attacks on Trump have been coming harder and stronger. Here’s what David Horowitz has to say about it.

The Republican primary has come to look more like a gang rape than a political debate. This week the assault began with an orchestrated attack on Donald Trump by Mitt Romney, who recently lost an election to a failed president. His defeat led directly to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians, and a refugee problem in the millions that has become a threat to Europe and – if there is another Republican loss in November – possibly to the United States. Four years ago, as he ran for the presidency, Romney praised Trump as a business genius with a masterful grasp of the economy, and accepted Trump’s financial support for his campaign. Yesterday, the same Mitt Romney denounced Trump as a “phony” and a “fraud” who would wreck the economy and who must be stopped by any means necessary. This assault, which occupied the news cycle for the entire day, was followed by an anti-Trump ambush conducted by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at the evening Fox debate. The two rival candidates accused Trump of being a phony and a fraud. Their attack was supported by Fox “moderators” Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace who came armed with videos designed to discredit Trump (and only Trump) as – what else? – a phony and a fraud.

The anti-Trump crowd seems to have missed the irony of this primary season. From the outset, instead of destroying Trump such bare knuckle assaults have increased Trump’s support while inflicting notable damage on the reputations of his attackers. Like many, I regarded Romney as probably the most decent man to run for the presidency in recent times. Even though I wasn’t a fan of his politically I held this view until his attack on Trump, which simultaneously exposed Romney as a hypocrite, a liar, and a treacherous fair weather friend.

Marco Rubio is another victim of his anti-Trump attacks which mark his transformation from the passionate conservative who had inspired many (including myself) to think of him as probably the best face for Republicans in the coming election, into a political hatchet-man. Ted Cruz has also diminished himself through his immoderate attacks on Trump. Cruz has won the admiration of conservatives, myself included, by showing the kind of political courage that has been so missing in congressional ranks, and Trump it should be said is wrong to have dismissed his lonely stands as accomplishing nothing. Ted Cruz is also very smart – smart enough to know that when businessman Trump contributes to powerful Democrats he is buying influence and not “funding the architects of Obamacare,” as the senator claims. Cruz is smart enough to know that since Trump was not a politician or political activist until this year he was not “flip-flopping” as a politician who supported both sides would be. But this knowledge hasn’t prevented Cruz from attacking Trump over and over for that very sin.

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