YO, MITT: When We Want Your Opinion… We’ll Give It To You

Published on March 2, 2016


Until then … please shut the front door.

The Republican party’s 2012 nominee Mitt Romney plans to deliver a speech tomorrow on ‘the state of the 2016 race.’

NBC News is reporting that Romney won’t endorse a candidate or get in the presidential race himself, but the remarks ‘will be worth covering’ a top aide told the network’s Andrew Rafferty.

Romney has turned GOP frontrunner Donald Trump into a political punching bag in recent weeks, suggesting there’s a ‘bombshell’ waiting in the billionaire’s tax returns, which is why Trump has yet to release them.

Trump, at Thursday night’s GOP debate in Houston, said he wasn’t releasing his tax returns yet because he’s being audited.

He pledged to release them once the Internal Revenue Service was done.

Romney returned to Twitter to tell voters that he wasn’t buying Trump’s excuse.

‘No legit reason [Donald Trump] can’t release returns while being audited, but if scared, release earlier returns no longer under audit,’ Romney wrote.

‘[Donald Trump’s] taxes for the last 4+ years are still being audited,’ Romney continued. ‘There are more #bombshells or he would release them.’

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