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ANTI-MUSLIM Bikers Report ASTONISHING Feedback Due To BACKLASH Against Islam

These bikers, who also serve as vigilantes in Sweden, are reporting that they have tremendous feedback every since they started they took to the streets to protect people from ‘refugee rape.’ Do you think what they’re doing is the right thing?

Soldiers of Odin’s growth in Sweden has exploded, says the group’s spokesman Mikael Johansson in an interview with the news outlet Fria Tider. And according to him, they have received overwhelmingly positive reports from the public. He also says that people who are previously convicted of a crime can participate – to get a “chance to do the right thing.”

– It’s only positive comments. Immigrants are also sympathetic to what we do, he says.

Soldiers of Odin has in little over a month become a nationwide phenomenon in Sweden. The first patrol took to the streets of Stockholm on March 12, since then the vigilante group has spread to some twenty Swedish cities.

Gothenburg, Malmö, Borlänge, Trelleborg, Borås, Uppsala and Jönköping are some of them. But there are more cities and more are on the way, says Johansson to Fria Tider.

– Not all have come out yet because people are waiting for clothes and stuff. From the time a group starts up (in a city) to it begins to appear on the streets, it usually takes a month, he explains.

Mikael Johansson is 37 years old and lives in a suburb south of Stockholm. He has a background from the now defunct National Democrats, but just as “support member,” he says.

It was Mikael Johansson who took the initiative to Soldiers of Odin’s first patrol in Sweden, last month.

– The support group was already there when I joined, since, I was the initiator so it became active, he explains.

He also says that he most of all wished that the police had more resources so they could curb violence and crime in society.

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