THE BIG FIX: Obama Reveals WHY Hillary Will Get AWAY With #EmailGate

Written by Andrew Allen on April 14, 2016

Did you watch Chris Wallace’s interview with President Barack Obama on Sunday? The President made a stunning admission, one the media will go into overdrive to ignore:

“…there’s classified and there’s classified”.

Now we know how Hillary Clinton got away with using a private server (in her bathroom) to handle her email. When the head of state himself is willing to play the “what the meaning of ‘is’ is” game, the culture fostered is one in which any number of Executive Branch officials would have felt at home playing fast and loose with classified information .

It’s worth remembering that Defense Secretary Ash Carter maintained an arrangement similar to Hillary’s for several months. Reportedly, Carter eventually complied with federal standards for information handling. And, as a Senator, John Kerry sent classified information to Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Whether Kerry continued to use private email as Secretary of Personality remains unknown.

Chances are, email abuse – and the corresponding mishandling of classified information – runs rampant throughout the Obama White House, because it’s encouraged from the top.

If the Justice Department were to indict – and it’s important to remember that Attorney General Lynch makes this call and not FBI Director James Comey – the possibility exists that it would reveal how wide and deep such abuses run within Obama’s Executive Branch.

Which is why Hillary won’t be indicted. If she was anyone other than Hillary and anything other than the DNC’s preferred pick for Obama’s third term, Madame Secretary would be in jail by now. But, by virtue of her position and her first-hand knowledge of email abuse by Obama’s inner circle, she’ll emerge from her email scandal unscathed. She has to if the inner circle is to avoid the scrutiny she’s currently receiving.

Image: Barack Obama via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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