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This Candidate Decided to Tour the Southern BORDER…What He Found SHOCKED Him

Throughout this 2016 election cycle, there has been no more driving issue than immigration and border security. Sure, it was an issue in years past, but never have those two terms been so basically interchangeable what with our Fearless Leader championing a immigrant cultural revolution.

That said, it’s important to remember that the real policy debate gets decided in Congress amidst the fight for funding. That makes Breitbart’s April 19 profile on Congressional candidate Glen Robertson’s no-frills tour of the U.S. Mexico border all the more crucial.

Robertson who is the current Lubbock Mayor is campaigning for retiring Representative, Randy Neugebauer’s spot and has taken a- shall we say- slightly different view of the impact of illegal immigration than our beloved President Obama.

Mayor Robertson told Breitbart Texas, “The actual Border Patrol agents should sit at the head of the policy-making table… they are the only ones telling what really happens, or more importantly, doesn’t happen in regards to border security.”

Evidentially, Robertson is not one to shy away from harsh realities like seeing first hand how commonplace it is for Mexican drug runners and human traffickers to sneak into the States. According to Breitbart, when the Border Patrol invited him, Robertson refused the usual VIP tour package of the area, in which the only outdoor component is probably 9 holes of golf, preferring to see the full-scale truth about parts of America’s vulnerability.

“The border is more porous than I imagined,” Robertson told Breitbart. “More shocking than surprising is how low the moral level is due to the fact their own federally-appointed commissioner not only has their hands tied behind their back but seems to be attacking his own troops.” Such an attitude would be a rare commodity in the halls of Washington.

Truthful accounts of the cartels and corruption that’s leading the onslaught against much of America’s southern border will undoubtedly infuriate the leaders of the sensitivity culture and any advocate for social upheaval.

On the other hand, it does bodes well for Americans that actually care about our borders, drug and human trafficking and the rule of law.

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