This Couple’s TRUMP Signs Kept Getting Stolen…Until They Decided to Do Something About It

Published on April 26, 2016

This couple’s Trump signs in their front yard were getting stolen non-stop…but they decided to take measures into their own hands. You’re going to love what they did to keep out these thieves.

PARADISE TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHP) – With the Pennsylvania presidential primaries fast approaching, many areas have become subject to a sea of yard signs supporting a wide variety of candidates.

Karen Kocher and Donald Peters live in Paradise Township, York County and own an auto sales business. When not selling cars, the couple is proudly showing their support for their favorite presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The couple owns three properties and uses a golf cart to get around, which they call the “Trumpmobile.”

The couple placed a few small Trump signs on the front of their property, but about three weeks ago the signs were stolen.

Kocher and Peters didn’t let a couple of thieves stop them from showing their support. So, they built a big blue, wooden fortress with Trump signs secured on each side and the words “You can steal our signs but you can’t steal our votes” painted on it.

The display has since been repaired and received some upgrades, including a built-in alarm.

Tap either side of the display and an alarm will go off and notify the couple.

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