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DEAR AMERICA: Does This ‘Trump Wall’ These Frat Boys Built OFFEND You? (The Left IS Crying Foul)


These frat boys decided to build their famous ‘Trump wall,’ but the politically correct brigade was not going to let them. They claimed it was filled with ‘hateful connotations.’ Do you agree? Does this wall offend you?

A Tulane University fraternity has caused an uproar this week after building a wall made of sandbags with the message ‘Make America Great Again and ‘Trump’ plastered across it.

Photos of the wall circulated on social media after it was erected on April 7 on the off-campus house of the university’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Order.

As part of the local chapter’s annual tradition, it has pledges build a wall around its private property each spring ahead of its ‘Old South’ formal ball, according to The Times-Picayune.

However, upset students said this time the wall was ‘filled with connotations of hate and ignorance.’

The wall has since been torn down by unidentified individuals alleged to be Tulane football players.

In a video posted to YouTube, individuals can be seen grabbing the sandbags and tossing them into the street while fraternity members look on, one saying ‘this is private property.’

Here were the comments of one student:


Here is a video of the football players tearing down the wall:

Read more: Daily Mail

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