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DEAR AMERICA: What Trump Just VOWED Will Make Hillary VOMIT Her Ensure Smoothie

Hillary can run, but she can’t hide from Trump. What he just vowed to do if he wins the presidency has her scrambling. Do you think that this will actually happen? Or do you think Hillary will never be caught and continue in her corruption?

Hillary Clinton has a new incentive to win the presidency, as Donald Trump said Wednesday night that his administration might re-open a probe into her classified email scandal, even if the Obama administration doesn’t prosecute her.

Trump raised the issue during a boisterous rally in Berlin Maryland, after ripping ‘crooked Hillary,’ saying he would probe her ‘for a second time.’

In a phone interview after the campaign stop, he told exclusively that he’s deadly serious.

‘You have to do it. You have to take a second look,’ he said, saying he would insist on ‘a fair look.’

‘It would have to be very, very fair and very, very above board.’

But Trump insisted that he wouldn’t drive an investigation from the Oval Office because it ould be ethically fraught.

‘I wouldn’t do that,’ he pledged. ‘I think that would be very inappropriate.’

‘It would be up to the new attorney general, Trump said, ‘but I would imagine the new attorney general would want to take a look at that.’

‘You have the statute of limitations,’ he acknowledged, ‘but I would imagine that any attorney general would have to be serious about looking at it.’

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