Dear Bono: YOU Guys Allowed Europe To Be Invaded … YOU Should Fix It

Written by Wes Walker on April 13, 2016

Bono’s got a big plan for America. Really big. We’re talking “Marshall Plan” big.

Is that hyperbole? I wish it were. No, he actually used the phrase “Marshall Plan” himself when making his case for what America should do to rescue Europe.. again.

Why does Europe need rescuing? Because of (in his words) “a torrent” of people that flooded into Europe. They flooded there, you will remember, because people like Bono led the “Welcome Refugee” movement last Fall.

People like Bono STILL lead the charge on the Welcome Refugee movement. They just want YOU to pick up the tab. Because they have decided that’s your moral obligation. Leftists get to decide which morality gets shoved down our throats. It’s one of the perks of being everyone’s moral superior.

That’s how these people think charity works, you see. Someone uses guilt to pressure you into “freely deciding” to put your own money toward a cause of their choosing. (Their other go-to tactic is taxing the hell out of you, and using government money as an involuntary gift (from you) to their favorite causes.)

Why does Europe need your money? Well, according to recent interviews, even Bono recognizes that “The refugee crisis places an existential threat on European unity.” To which we might have answered.. “Well, duh”.

He goes on, “The next president might spend his first term not just putting out fires but forest fires if you don’t get on top of this.” (By which he means, bail out Europe so that “torrents” of people can continue to flood in without any viable solutions on how to make this sustainable.)

Not all European nations share his view, obviously. Sweden has had quite enough of the immigration wave. So have some other European nations. The suicide bombings aren’t helping. Neither are rapes, or schools in which 90% of the high school students praise terrorists.

Bono has stripped down the problem faced in places like Africa to three factors. An “unholy trinity” of problems that foreign policy needs to face. “Ideology, Poverty and Climate.”

I could point out that the West, including Europe, has been pissing away literally Billions (maybe Trillions) of dollars tilting at windmills (pun intended) over the climate issue. I’m sure those billions would have gone a long way to making, say, Germany stable with so many new people flooding in. But we are still busy answering the very expensive call of the LAST sky-is-falling alarmism. Where will the cash for this next project come from?

He and his kind have literally celebrated the collapse of Western Industry, while remaining deadly silent when non-Western nations create actual, undisputed ecological or moral problems. Where is the campaign against air too polluted to breathe in Chinese cities? Or against problems with runoff from rare earth mines? Or against the ongoing sale of slaves in certain Islamic cultures? No, they’d rather oppose North American industry (the most ecologically regulated) and pipelines. Then they have the gall to ask for our handouts. “Send more handouts, you horrible, evil, bellicose, greedy Americans, you!”

Noted pacifist that he is, Bono has offered humor as a possible remedy for the “ideology” he refuses to mention by name. (Islamism) He named a few American comics as a possible remedy. Chris Rock was one of them. I can imagine his dropping a few N-bombs will completely fix the violence problem. Absolutely. Just like it did in Ferguson.

Bono described his plan. “When aid [he means your money] is structured properly, with a focus on fighting poverty and improving governance, it could be the best bulwark we have against the extremism of our age.”

Translation: Europe needs more government programs. And you have to pay for it. That will solve the problem.

Here’s what we really need. Whichever candidate takes that oath of office next January will have to grapple with the real possibility of Europe descending into another prolonged period of chaos.

The common ground (rule of law, customs, language and religion) that once provided a fertile ground for European culture to flourish is vanishing. And vanishing with it are the extended periods of peace in which wealth could grow while the population lived securely.

Those familiar with history are seeing the transformation (in some ways) of Europe into the old Ottoman Empire, once called “the Sick Man of Europe.” Europe is Balkanizing — fracturing. A house divided, as we know, does not stand. And yet, people like Bono are insisting that we should divide it further and then attempt to rescue it.

Sorry Bono, it doesn’t work that way. You don’t juggle Molotov cocktails in your living room and then ask for insurance to cover the fire damage.

If Bono is correct about the existential threat to Europe,  America will have to learn from this lesson. Become intentional about which people — including how many, and how quickly — are imported into the country. Should Europe eventually collapse, are we ready for whatever shocks will follow? Remember the global panic when Greece faced a possibility of economic collapse? This is exponentially bigger. The banking sector alone will be bad, to say nothing of what happens if one or more European country becomes a “failed state”.

Will borders shift as they did in the 20th Century? Will world powers seek to gather the fragments, and pull them into their orbit? Will we have another Cold War, with perhaps a third, Islamic flavour added to the mix? Possibly something worse? WWIII? These are all wildcards we can’t really know until they happen.

But we will need to plan and prepare for a variety of possible outcomes. Blindly throwing money at people who can’t even be honest about the problems they face? That does not seem like a good investment in this suddenly-uncertain future.

Marshall Plan? No, Bono. You guys created this problem. You solve it.

Now, Bono is suggesting that we combat ISIS with comedy. Yes, you read that right. He thinks that America can combat radical Islam by laughing at them. Check this out:

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