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DEAR DADS: What If You Caught A Teen RAPING Your BABY Daughter?

Would you do the SAME thing this dad did if you caught someone raping your baby? Or would you let him get away with it? This is brutal.

A father in India has chopped off the hands of a man who was accused of raping his seven-month-old daughter.

Parminder Singh, 25, is said to have beaten the 17-year old man, tied him to a tree, and hacked off both his hands, before leaving him abandoned next to a canal.

The younger man was accused of molesting a baby in 2014, after allegedly being caught in the act by the baby’s mother.


Police sent him to a juvenile remedial home as he awaited trial.

On April 19, he was making a court appearance in the Bathinda district of Punjab, when the baby’s father apparently lured him away by offering him an out of court settlement.

Swapan Sharma, a senior police officer of Bathinda said: ‘He (the father) took him near a dried up canal, beat him up badly and then tied him to a tree and finally hacked his hands off.

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