DEAR FRANCE, YOU’RE SCREWED: France Guarantees This ‘FASTER’ Response Time To TERRORIST Attacks

Published on April 20, 2016

France just announced their ‘minimum’ response time for any possible future attacks…and it proves exactly how screwed they are. What do you think would be a better solution?

PARIS (Reuters) – France will guarantee a 20-minute response of police and military anti-terrorism units to any future militant attacks, drawing on lessons learned from November’s Islamic State shootings in Paris, its interior minister said on Tuesday.

Besides more security personnel, specialist units will get new clearances to bypass the traditional carve-up of responsibilities between police and military forces that can hinder a timely armed response, Bernard Cazeneuve said.

The measures will ensure a minimum 20-minute response to attacks on population centers anywhere in France, he said.

“In a crisis our citizens expect faultless collaboration at all times,” Cazeneuve told a news conference. “It’s no time for competition between forces, but rather for unity, pooling resources and cooperating in our common interest.”

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