DEAR PATRIOTS: Should The CITADEL Allow a Muslim Girl To Wear HIJAB Instead Of Uniform?

Written by Doug Giles on April 16, 2016


Do you think that The Citadel needs to bow to Islam and honor this girl’s request? Or do you think that she needs to accept their policy for what it is if she wants to attend this military college?

The Citadel is reviewing a request from a female Muslim student who has been admitted to the military college that she receive an exception to uniform regulations and be permitted to wear a hijab.

Such an exception would be the first for the school – which was founded in 1842 – and the controversy surrounding such an exemption is palpable, reports the Washington Post.

Cadet Nick Pinelli, who will be graduating in May, posted the following to Facebook Wednesday:

Currently, the Citadel is exhausting resources and man-hours to accommodate a woman who will be attending this school next semester. She will be the first cadet authorized to wear a ḥijāb, as well as full body covering when the uniform does not conceal the entirety of her body. Time and money is now being spent figuring out how the Citadel can alter rules and regulations to accommodate her needs. The school is even exhausting resources to research which company to place her in, so they ensure she is in the most accepting company in the Corps. No final decisions have been made, but time and effort are being consumed, nonetheless.

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