DEAR SANTA: I’d Like To Have THIS Minigun For Christmas

Written by Doug Giles on April 8, 2016

It’s not a matter of wanting this gun — you NEED one of these in your life! Here’s something you can ask Santa for this year at Christmas time.

Via Full 30:

Video footage from Big Sandy MG shoot filmed by Rob Lippert and myself. Yes, 60 rounds a second is 3600 rounds a minute. Yes, the mini-guns don’t sound like lawn mowers but more like a Cox airplane… From short-barreled fire-breathers, to night tracers, there is a lot of mini-gun in this video.

Big Sandy MG shoot happens twice a year in Arizona. Besides Rob, I have never seen any other Youtube channels out there. They must all be crammed into Knob Creek. Don’t tell them about our little secret out West.

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