Disgusted COLO Delegate Burns Party Registration ‘I’ll NEVER Be Republican Again’

Published on April 11, 2016

This Colorado delegate was left in disgust on Saturday after what happened to him at a convention hall. He was so angry, that he even burned his Republican registration. He posted a video explaining what happened, followed by one where he can be seen burning his party registration.

A Colorado Donald Trump delegate left the convention hall in disgust Saturday after his name was removed from the ballot and replaced with that of a Sen. Ted Cruz supporter.

Larry Wayne Lindsey said in a video posted to YouTube that he’d been a Republican delegate representing Douglas County for 15 years, as well as a lifelong member of the party — but he’s had it.

“I’ve been a lifelong Republican all of my life. And this corrupt bunch of thieves is not even worth fighting for,” Lindsey said.

“I’ll find another party that believes more like I do. I’ve had it with them. But Jan Morgan, you’re not going to get away with this. I’ll find somebody to listen to me. I’ll find someway to hold you accountable for this.”



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Matt Drudge was also outraged about the Colorado primary process. Check this out…

After Ted Cruz swept the 34 delegates up for grabs in Colorado, the Trump campaign and supporters are crying foul. Matt Drudge, creator of Drudge Report, is leading the charge, as seen in a comment he posted Sunday on Twitter:


Out of a total of 37 delegates, Cruz got all 13 at-large delegates available on Saturday at the Colorado GOP convention after winning all 21 delegates awarded at the congressional district conventions throughout the week, according to The Hill. The remaining three delegates are reserved for state party officials.

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