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TRUMP VS CRUZ: This Should NOT Be a Difficult Question For Conservatives

So the race for our next president rages on … And think, we haven’t even gotten to the general election yet. All I can say is that it is going to be a long time until November. More importantly, the next few months will simply lead us into a LONG generation of suffering if we don’t get this election right. The consequences of electing the wrong leader for America will not only change the course of the next four years, but it will set the course for America for the next 40 years or so given the sensitive moral nature of our Supreme Court and the fragile nature of our economic structure. An entire generation is at stake, and it terrifies me that the conservatives can’t get their act together.

Clearly we don’t need four to eight more years of socialist, anti-American policies filled with the immoral dogmas destroying the foundation of our nation. We’ve gotten enough of that from our current administration. If we hope to restore America to her God-given destiny and her original purpose then we can’t even consider Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for President.

And if the Democratic Party is not a viable option for moving American forward, then our only option in this election (at least at this time) is the Republican Party: Senator Ted Cruz or Mr. Donald Trump.

The question then becomes who would do the right thing for America? Apparently, this has been a difficult question for many longtime Republicans to answer which, in all honesty, is rather shocking to me. The best I can tell, conservatives who are rallying around Trump are doing so based around a couple of key issues and the fact that he “says what everyone else is thinking” (please don’t lump me into that category, thank you); building a wall which he will never have the money to do and keeping America safe from radical Muslim terrorists. Although these are important issues, they are not issues that Ted Cruz is weak on by any means, so I am not sure why Donald Trump is considered the stronger candidate. In fact, if I had to choose a president to lead us through the treacherous waters of violent, Islamic terrorism, I would only feel safe with Ted Cruz.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has repeatedly tolerated violence in his rallies. And, now he is threatening violence at the Republican National Convention (against his own people so to speak) if things don’t go his way. How can a man of violence and madness keep us safe from a religion of violence and madness? Threatening your own makes him sound like a terrorist if you ask me.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is full of integrity, resolve against those who threaten America, and principles that are at the heart of who America was created to be. He’s a true conservative who values life, free-market economy, and the religious rights of every citizen. He’s a man who hasn’t been afraid to stand up to anyone who would challenge conservative values. So the real question is, why can everyone not see this? Come on America, let’s get this right for the sake of our children and grandchildren.


Share if you agree, for conservatives Ted Cruz ought to be the choice.

Karen Serna

Karen Serna is a wife and homeschooling mom with two children. She holds a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Math from Angelo State University. In addition, she is a certified secondary educator. Prior to having children, Karen worked for Texas State University-San Marcos as an analytical chemist and industrial hygienist for over twelve years. Her passion lies in seeing a generation of Americans once again embrace true freedom.

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