EPIC: Thug Breaks Into 72yr. Old Man’s Home … That Was A VERY Bad Idea (Pics)

Published on April 15, 2016

If you’re a young thug, then you definitely don’t want to break into Frank Corti’s house — unless you want to end up like this guy.

When this thug broke into 72 year old Corti’s house, he was met with a HUGE surprise, as Corti is a former junior boxing champion.

A knife-wielding burglar had a shock when he attacked a pensioner in his home – and discovered his victim was a retired boxer.

Senior citizen Frank Corti, 72, a former junior boxing champion is still a bit handy with his dukes.

And when he spotted the aforementioned intruder, Gregory McCalium, in his hallway he sprang into action and delivered two right hooks.

The blows were so powerful that McCalium, who had just lunged at Mr Corti with the knife, was left looking like he had been in ‘a car accident’.

The pensioner then restrained him until police arrived. He was jailed for four and a half years yesterday after a judge told him he had ‘got what he deserved’.

After sentencing, Mr Corti said: ‘I was scared when he first drew the knife but most people would have acted in the same way. If you can’t defend what’s yours, where are we at?’ (Source: You Tube)

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