Guess WHO Wants To RUIN The Daddy-Daughter Dance Tradition?

Published on April 16, 2016

The ‘Gaystapo’ continues to makes things worse everywhere that they go. Their latest target is now a tradition that most families look forward as they are raising young daughters. Dads, you should pay attention to this one:

The daddy-daughter dance is an age-old tradition, but some say that it’s time for a name change.

Many schools host these dances in the name of long-established customs, but with the rise of nontraditional families, these gender-specific events need to become more inclusive, parents say.

Erik Sosa-Kibby and his partner, Mark, said they felt excluded when their sons’ elementary school held its annual mother-son outing.

“When I brought up my concern, it was like pulling teeth,” said Sosa-Kibby, whose two sons missed the event twice at Bristol Elementary School in Wisconsin. “I made a joke on Facebook that I was going to dress up as a woman in order to take my boys.”

The events were finally made more gender-neutral, but the family didn’t benefit from the change. Last year, the boys switched schools, and Sosa — Kibby found himself bringing the same concern to the new school.

Lake Forest Country Day School held a mother-son bowling event, but when Sosa-Kibby asked the school to change the name to be more inclusive, administrators quickly agreed to change it to “VIP and son bowling.”

The father-daughter dance at a public elementary school in southern New Hampshire was changed to Little Miss Dance two years ago. The PTO encouraged female students to bring their father or another male role model.

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