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Do you know what the UN has been doing with millions of dollars in taxpayer money? Well, a former senior official has just revealed that — and a lot of people are going to be very upset about it.

Shocking multi-million-pound waste and paralysing bureaucracy at the United Nations have been exposed by a former senior official from the organisation – which receives vast sums from the British taxpayer each year.

Killian Kleinschmidt was the manager of a sprawling camp for Syrian refugees in Zaatari, Jordan.

A veteran of 25 years with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Austrian aid expert has revealed how the organisation was dogged by infighting and an obsession with celebrities.

And he has exposed how senior aid bureaucrats lied about caring for thousands more children than they actually did.

His concerns will again raise serious doubts about why the UK is spending 0.7 per cent of its wealth – £12 billion last year – on aid, funding many questionable projects and unaccountable multi-national organisations.

The Zaatari camp houses about 79,580 displaced Syrians and costs about £320,000 a day to run.

Prince Charles and actor Michael Sheen have both visited the camp, which no one doubts is providing vital humanitarian care.

However, Mr Kleinschmidt highlighted how bureaucracy has led to colossal waste in energy costs for what is in effect a small city, after UNHCR passed up the opportunity to install money-saving solar panels.

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