Leftists FRANTIC After Belgian Govt Confirms What Muslims Did AFTER Brussels Attacks

Written by Thomas Holmes on April 18, 2016

I know this may come as a shock to many of you. In fact, you may want to take a chair. It appears that, yet again, leftist apologists for Islam have been caught- along with that metric ton of progressive chip on their shoulder — in hypocrisy. Meanwhile, in similarly shocking news, water is apparently made of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

Once again, European left wing politicians got it wrong and can’t seem to find the “redo” on their policy, if not their propaganda. Specifically, Belgian Green Party leader, Meyrem Almaci, recently got the left’s tortured social conscience all in a twist when Belgian Interior Minister, Jan Jambon, responded to the Brussels terrorist attacks stating that “a significant part of the Muslim community danced around on the streets [when the attacks occurred].”

Naturally, Almaci and the progressives who slept through the obvious security concerns about letting thousands of questionable Muslim immigrants stroll past their borders woke the hell up to attack a fellow countryman. Almaci trounced Jam’s comments as “unworthy” and demanded an immediate apology to “the entire Muslim community”. By definition, such an apology would include all the Muslim terrorists.

Here’s the awkward part for Almaci and his cult: On the 16th, Belgian outlet, De Morgen reported that yes, Virginia, Muslims did in fact dance in the street in Brussels, chanting pro-terrorist slogans immediately after the murderous attacks. Shortly thereafter, a separate incident occurred of Muslim interrupting a school moment of silence for the victims.

How’s that apology demand working out now? Of course there’s been no update from Almaci, yet. No apology to Jambon or any of that activist energy focused towards rescuing the country. And why would there be? To acknowledge the evils of truly Islamic culture (aka terrorism) wouldn’t fit the narrative. The active nature of the progressive movement is only active when there’s something for them to manipulate.

Basically, what I’m saying is we’ll report that Leftists Lead The Charge In Protecting Borders And Defeating Terrorism story when we learn that water is actually three parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

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