MARCO RUBIO: Just Said Something About HILLARY & Trump That’ll STUN You

Published on April 21, 2016

Marco Rubio just stunned everyone after saying what most GOP Establishment politicians would NEVER say. Do you agree with him and are you going to do the same?

Sen. Marco Rubio shifted his rhetoric on Donald Trump, saying he would support any Republican nominee against Hilllary Clinton.

“I’ve always said I’m going to support the Republican nominee, and that’s especially true now that it’s apparent that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic candidate,” Rubio said.

“My differences with Donald Trump are well documented, and obviously we had 12 months to talk about those,” Rubio said. “I’m not saying he’s going to be the nominee. We don’t know that yet … but Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for America. She really would. I think she’s got a lot of ethical questions surrounding her campaign. I think she was not a very good secretary of state, and, quite frankly, she’s a candidate that looks backwards. America needs to turn the page and move towards the future.”

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