Meet Kasich’s BROTHER … Check Out What He SAYS About John

Published on April 28, 2016

John Kasich has a brother who is speaking out about their estranged relationship. Does this change how you feel about Kasich? Or did you not really care for him anyway?

On the campaign trail he is known as the nice-guy candidate, but it seems that John Kasich’s family history is not so rose-tinted.

Despite often mentioning brother Richard’s struggles with depression during stump speeches, it has been revealed that the Ohio governor didn’t speak to his younger sibling for almost two decades.

According to Richard, who spoke to the New York Times, John vowed to having ‘nothing to do with me’ amid a bitter row over their inheritance after their parents died in a car crash.

John Sr and his wife Anne were killed in 1987, both aged 67, as they pulled out of a Burger King in their hometown of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, when their car was hit by a drunk driver.

Richard says that in their will the pair left primary control of their estate to John, fearing that he was not mentally capable enough following his diagnosis with bipolar disorder, then known as manic depression.

Richard said: ‘My brother told me, “If you sue me, I won’t have anything to do with you.”‘

The pair did not speak for the next 19 years while John pursued his career in politics, including a run for president in 1999.

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