IN OBAMALAND: Welfare BRATS Get Mega-Money But Our MARINES Get The SHAFT

This is how our military gets treated in Obamaland. While the welfare brats are getting everything for free, our national security and those who put their lives on the line get the back seat. Do you want a President who will CHANGE that?

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin is reporting exclusively today on how steep military cuts are impacting the U.S. Marines’ fleet of aircraft.

Griffin found that the majority of Marine Corps aircraft are grounded due to a lack of parts for its aging fleet.

She reported on America’s Newsroom this morning that she encountered a “very frustrated force” when she traveled to the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Due to budget cuts, force reductions and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan lasting longer than expected, it’s becoming more difficult to maintain the planes.

A Marine major told Griffin that the planes were meant to fly for a life span of 6,000 hours, but are now being pushed to 8,000.

“Imagine taking a 1995 Cadillac and trying to make it a Ferrari,” Sgt. Argentry Uebelhoer said days before embarking on his third deployment.

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