What Presidential Candidate Is Using This PLAYBOY’S Private Jet To Fly The ‘PRESS’ In?


Are feminists still going to support Hillary after they find out about THIS? This is quite ironic.

Hillary Clinton rents one of her private planes used on the campaign trail from multimillionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian, it has been revealed.

The ‘King of Instagram’ is known for his partying with beauty queens and porn stars – and pictures he has posted online show him throwing wild bashes on board the jet with scantily-clad women.

But while he is not using the plane, he rents it out to the Clinton presidential campaign, who use it to ferry reporters around as they follow her across the U.S.

The plane Clinton rents out for journalists is registered to Goat Airways LLC, a company owned by Bilzerian.

The serial number on the plane is N701DB, with the last two initials standing for Dan Bilzerian.

Read more: Daily Mail

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