Princeton Scholars Predict Trump’s Chances of Winning WITHOUT Indiana — Shocking Numbers!

If you don’t think this race is over already, then you need to see what Princeton’s scholars just predicted. Please forward this to John Kasich.

The Princeton Election Consortium, a group of Princeton University academics and other scholars who conduct polling data meta-analysis, has determined that, even if Donald Trump loses Indiana on Tuesday, there is still a 97 percent chance he will reach the required number of delegates to ensure a first ballot nomination.

Should Trump win in Indiana, and he is up by 6 percentage points there, the probability of getting to that 1,237 delegate magic number goes up to 98 percent.

According to the group, the 1 percent change is of little relevance because so many other states, like Washington and Oregon where Cruz is more competitive, allocate their delegates on a proportional basis.

If Trump runs strong as expected in West Virginia, California, and New Jersey, he is likely to go over the top regardless of how Indiana turns out.

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