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You MUST Read This Heartfelt Plea to SAVE This Woman’s Baby

This is like nothing I’ve ever written before. It’s an open plea for prayer, an open window into my heart and that of my wife, Sarah, and an open last-ditch effort to reach out to a cherished, young Jewish woman in New York City who finds herself in a desperate situation.

Most importantly, it’s a frantic attempt to save a life – the precious life of a precious person whom, though we’ve never met, we already love.

Let me explain.

I was thumbing through my Twitter feed the other night and came across a tweet that immediately caught my eye. A woman named Queline (short for Jaqueline), wrote, “I will terminate a pregnancy soon. These things aren’t fun or easy.”

I know that’s true because I’ve been there. As a father of five, I’m now pro-life. But my first child died in abortion.

I felt led to respond immediately, imploring the young mother: “Please don’t kill your baby. It won’t provide freedom. Don’t become the mother of a dead baby.”

To my surprise, she replied.

“We can’t afford a baby, that’s that, there are no other options unless you want to kick in 50K. Not entertaining this further,” she wrote.

At this point the Holy Spirit instantly impressed upon me what must be done. I read the brief exchange to Sarah and said, “A life is at stake here. This is life or death playing out on social media. What should we do?”

Sarah didn’t hesitate. Her answer was immediate and confirmed my own.

I again responded to Queline: “There’s always adoption. My wife, Sarah, and I will adopt, love and raise your baby as our own. Follow me and IM and we can discuss?”

“I’m 100% serious,” I continued. “We’ll pay costs, come to New York and meet you. Praying for you and your family now. Your child can live and be loved.”

We have yet to hear back from Queline but pray that we might still.

Will you pray as well?

One of my Twitter followers, @Montanabeef, a woman I know personally, kindly reached out to her: “The family who just offered you financial, practical help is an honorable, amazing, trustworthy family. You couldn’t do better,” she tweeted.

While we are humbled by this charitable endorsement, let me focus on the word “financial.”

To Queline, I say this: You may find it hard to believe, dear lady, but, though we don’t know you, Sarah and I already love you – as does our Heavenly Father, Yahweh, and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

He loves your little girl too. I can’t know for sure, but I think it’s a girl. I imagine her name might be Iva, which is a Hebrew name meaning, “Gift of God.”

It also means “miracle.” This can be your miracle baby, Queline – yours and ours.

I know that, as you stated, one of your primary concerns is the financial burden that necessarily attends motherhood.

But you needn’t worry about finances. We will gladly cover you financially through every step of this potential journey and beyond. By God’s grace, we have the means. You may find it difficult to believe, but I’d give up everything I own that your baby might live. In fact, with and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I’d like to believe that, if faced with an either-or choice, I’d even give up my own life.

Moreover, I’ve already heard from a number of people who, likewise, have graciously offered to help. A friend and business partner has even pledged to set up a GoFundMe account and be the first to contribute.

Queline, this is not a question of right vs. left. It is not pro-life vs. pro-choice, conservative vs. liberal, or Republican vs. Democrat.

This is a very real, very personal, very serious and very present question of life vs. death.

I know that you later tweeted that we might as well give up on trying to convert you to the pro-life cause.

Let me reaffirm now what I affirmed then: We “wouldn’t presume to convert. Just a sincere proposal rooted in love. No politics. Please consider. You will never regret it.”

I know that you may not agree, and that’s OK, but Sarah and I – and billions of our fellow believers (and even non-believers) – hold with every fiber of our being that the little child that grows inside of you is a very real, very precious little person, no different than you or I, but simply living in a different stage of development, in an environment that, in my humble estimation, should be the safest place on earth: the warm, loving security of her own mother’s womb.

Queline, will you at least consider letting Iva be your – be our – little miracle baby? In a time of such division, imagine the story that might be told: A conservative, Christian family, and a young, progressive, Jewish woman – one pro-life, the other, pro-choice – while diametrically opposed on matters of principle and politics, coming together in our shared humanity around the shared values of love and compassion, all so that one, just one, of God’s most precious and innocent little babes might yet live and be loved.

These are the things that bring people together, Queline.

You are a valued and empowered woman.

The choice is yours.

Matt Barber is founder and editor-in chief of He is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war. (Follow Matt on Twitter:@jmattbarber).

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Matt Barber

Matt Barber is founder and editor-in-chief of and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. In addition to his law degree, Matt holds a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Regent University. Matt is both an author and a popular columnist. He’s known for a unique writing style (an entertaining blend of thoughtful analysis and Swiftian satire, delivered with a rapier wit). Many newspapers and online publications run Matt’s columns, to include WND, TheBlaze, the Washington Times, TownHall and many more. Author of the book, “The Right Hook: From the Ring to the Culture War,” Matt is currently penning his first novel. In addition to frequent public speaking engagements, Matt has appeared as a cultural analyst on the Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN and is a regular guest on dozens of talk radio programs and networks including Michael Savage, the G. Gordon Liddy Show, Dennis Prager, the Michael Medved Show, the Janet Mefferd Show and others. Matt also co-hosts “Faith and Freedom” a daily legal and cultural issues talk radio program heard on about 90 stations across the country. Matt served twelve years in the Army National Guard, was a law enforcement officer for three years and a corporate fraud investigator for five years. Setting him apart from others in his various fields, Matt was an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer retiring in 2004. Prior to turning pro, he was a several time state and regional Golden Gloves champion, competing in the 1992 Western Olympic Trials and winning a Gold Medal in the 1993 Police and Fire World Games.