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HOW DO YOU SAY, ‘BULLSH*T’ IN SPANISH?: The IRS Defends Giving THIS to Illegals

When you see what illegal immigrants are getting from the IRS, you are going to be fuming. Are you OK with your tax money going towards this?

In a letter to Congress, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen defended the decision to allow illegal immigrants to get refunds from the agency.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) went “On The Record” tonight to explain that illegal immigrants who get a social security number can go back and apply for a refund through the earned income tax credit.

He said this is due to President Barack Obama’s executive order on illegal immigration, calling it unconstitutional and unfair.

“It’s unfair to taxpayers that noncitizen illegals are gonna get this bonus that […] their tax money’s gonna be used for,” he said, adding that this “points to the patent unfairness” of Obama’s action.

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