What This SCHOOL Did To 11yr. Old ‘Dancing Trumps’ Is Political Correctness On CRACK

Published on April 18, 2016

Would YOU be ticked if your child was told this by administrators about their talent show performance? Or do you think this was fair? When these 11-year old kids wanted to wear Donald Trump masks for a dance performance at their school, they were shocked to see how some people responded to it.

Three Wellesley 11-year-olds figured they’d found the perfect plan to reprise their hit performance at last year’s Fiske Elementary School talent show, when they donned masks of their retiring principal’s face and danced wildly: This year, they’d be the dancing Donald Trumps.

Because whose head has been thrust before America this year with such frequency and vigor?

So at the morning show for students and staff on Wednesday, they strapped on three officially licensed Donald J. Trump masks from an Internet vendor called Fathead and started dancing.

But not everyone was amused.

The wordless, two-minute act drew at least one complaint to the principal. And a few hours before the evening performance, the boys were given an ultimatum: Ditch the masks, or sit out the show. The Bobblehead Boys, as they’d come to be known, were no more.

“The bobblehead is the act,” said Maryellen Maggiacomo, whose twin boys, Marc and David, are two-thirds of the trio. No Trump head, no show.

For the boys, it was confusing and upsetting, said Laurie Mattaliano, whose son Christian completed the trio. “They assume they did something wrong.”

Watch the performance here:

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