Soldier Loses His FACE Saving Woman’s Life… What Doctors Did For Him Is AMAZING

This soldier’s face was badly injured in a car accident when he saved a woman’s life. His face was badly disfigured, but doctors performed a miracle for him. What seemed impossible after this life changing accident, is now this man’s reality.

Mitch Hunter was just 21 when a car he was in smashed into a 10,000-volt electrical pylon 15 years ago.

He pushed the female driver next to him out of harm’s way. As he did, a near-lethal force of electricity surged up his foot, through his body, and out of his face.

Within five minutes the former soldier was unrecognizable.

Despite undergoing 20 corrective operations – grafting skin from his legs, arms and back – children would still scream at the sight of him in the street.

In a desperate bid to regain some normalcy in his life, Indiana-based Hunter submitted himself to become one of the first people in the world to receive a face transplant in 2011.

Five years later, now 35, married, with a child of his own, he has spoken out to describe his incredible recovery, insisting he has never felt better.

‘I feel just as healthy as I did when I was 21, and I feel great,’ Hunter told WISHTV8 in an interview at his Speedway home on Monday, as he sat with his son Clayton.

‘I look back on it as something that made me stronger,’ he said.

‘I mean, yeah, I’d like to have my leg and my face back, but without that happening I wouldn’t be who I am today.’

Hunter’s friend had been driving him and his girlfriend along a North Carolina highway when she lost control of the wheel and plowed into a pylon.

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