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The REAL Reason Why Socialist Politicians Continue to LIE to Us

Why do Socialist politicians lie to us?  One reason is the Socialist politicians don’t like conservatives and they want us to go away.  Getting rid of conservatives is an easy way for these Socialist politicians to stay in office. Lying costs them nothing.  Socialists politicians are not exposed by the left leaning media.  Socialist politicians support any law that makes conservatives uncomfortable and leaves the citizen more dependent on the government.  As New York Socialist Governor Andrew Cuomo said, there is no place for conservatives in his state.

You think Socialist politicians tell the truth?  Socialist politicians say guns are dangerous and citizens should be disarmed.  Blue state Socialists want to take your firearms and these politicians only give lip service to public safety.  There are many examples of their hypocrisy.  One of the best examples is Socialist California State Senator Leland Yee.  Senator Yee received awards from the anti-rights Brady Campaign after Yee sponsored gun control bills.  Senator Yee was arrested and convicted for running guns to terrorist gangs.  Senator Yee sold guns for cash while he championed public safety in front of the gullible news media. 

California Senator Dianne Feinstein sponsored gun control bills too.  She also owned a handgun and had one of the rare concealed carry permit in San Francisco.  Owning personal firearms was for her benefit, not for public safety.. and certainly not for you.  So why do Socialist politicians lie about firearms safety?

Blue state politicians like those in New Jersey and California have armed security at work and when they travel.  You and I don’t have paid security details.  These politicians propose all kinds of restrictions that apply to honest civilian who want to protect themselves at work, and protect their families at home.  For example, New Jersey wants to outlaw modern rifles designed in the last hundred years.  Outlawing modern rifles has nothing to do with crime, though the politicians use public safety as an excuse.

Somehow, those restrictive gun laws never apply to the security detail guarding the politicians… or to those guarding the politician’s children.  Socialist politicians excuse gun control by saying guns are too dangerous for mere citizens… but not for politicians.  Why do they lie like that?

Socialist politicians in blue states have made it almost impossible for ordinary civilians to get gun permits.  Those include permits to purchase a firearm and the required permits to carry a firearm in public.   These same politicians want to make new laws so they can have permits to carry guns on the street and we can’t.

A citizen living in a blue state has to prove he needs a firearm before the state gives him permission.   Protecting yourself and your family is not considered sufficient justification… unless you’re a multi-millionaire who makes campaign contributions.

A New Jersey State Senator recently proposed a bill saying that…

..any legislator or judge automatically qualifies as showing justifiable need to carry a concealed firearm in public.

Excuse me?  Say what!?

You read that correctly.  The Blue state elites are justified because of their job, but you aren’t.

In Dirty Jersey, you have to prove to the chief of police and a superior court judge that you have a demonstrated need for self-protection.  You would still have to prove it, but the politician doesn’t.  That shouldn’t surprise us at all.  Of course a corrupt politician or judge living in a gated community says he needs protection.

And if that law passes, do you suppose ANY state judge is going to rule it unconstitutional?  Not in your life.. or more accurately, not in THEIR life, since they are one of the major beneficiaries.  This isn’t the first time politicians dealt themselves an inside deal.  These are the same public employees who voted themselves exempt for Obama care.

There now are laws for us and separate laws for our rulers.

In reality, it is the poor people living in corrupt Socialist controlled cities who are in desperate need of personal protection.  They are the major victims of crime.  Heaven knows the police can’t protect them.

Why do Blue State politicians and judges lie to us and abuse the system?  They lie to advance their political and personal agenda.  They lie for the emotional thrill of showing their superiority over a fawning news media and a gullible public.  They lie to get more campaign donations.  They lie to oppress their political opponents.  And why shouldn’t they.

Socialist voters in blue states surrendered their lives to state control.  Now the Socialist party controls those states, and if the rest of us don’t like it, then they want us to leave.  Fewer of us pesky conservatives would simply make it easier for the Socialists to expand their grip on the poor people who are left.

Gun control was never about public safety.  It was always about control.  What does it matter if a politician has to tell a few more lies to get what he wants.

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Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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